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Version: 1.0.0

Anyscale Release Notes

Check your docs version

Anyscale is rolling out a new design. If you have preview access to the enhanced experience, use the latest version of the docs and see the migration guide for transitioning.


Ray 2.7.0 optimized is available as new cluster environments.

Ray 2.7.0 optimized is based on Ray 2.7.0 and fully compatible with open source Ray 2.7.0 APIs. In addition, it comes with the following features:

  • Ray Data
    • Native support for reading audio input data with AudioDatasource and video input data with VideoDatasource .
    • Fast metadata fetching AnyscaleFileMetadataProvider by default
    • Input sample shuffle for Dataset.read_images .
  • Ray Serve
    • Graceful spot instance preemption: avoid request failure when spot instances are preempted.
    • AZ-aware request routing: proxies prefer to route requests to replicas in the same AZ.
  • RLlib
    • Multi-node multi-GPU support.