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Dependency management is crucial in distributed applications. Anyscale's approach follows the development-to-production flow. We focus on fast iteration cycles during development in the Workspaces product, and on reliability and performance for production workloads in the Jobs and Services products. This section provides an overview of these concepts.

Container Images

Container images are the standard for production workloads. Anyscale integrates with container images natively, allowing clusters (Workspaces, Jobs, or Services) to run with any container image. Anyscale also provides a convenient cloud-hosted build-farm or allows you to use your own image. In either case, simply pass the --image-uri when configuring a cluster.

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Manage dependencies in development

During development, when iteration speed is paramount, Anyscale Workspaces allow users to seamlessly track their packages, automatically distribute them to worker nodes, and easily package the workspace environment into a container image for production.

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Build your own images

Anyscale supports externally built images, allowing users to build a Docker image locally, push it to ECR or Docker Hub, and use it directly in Anyscale.

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Init scripts

Init scripts are shell scripts that run inside the Ray container on all nodes before Ray starts. They are used for fetching resources, installing monitoring/security agents, and performing pre-job testing and verification.

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