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This page describes the top-level Anyscale concepts that you see when logging into the console.


The Anyscale account for your organization where administrators can manage users, credentials, billing, and other top level configurations.


A defined deployment area in your AWS accounts or GCP projects where you can launch Ray clusters.


Anyscale projects provide a way to organize your clusters and jobs, and may be either private or shared with your organization via access controls.


Fully managed development environment that let you progam the cluster while using familiar tools like Visual Studio Code or JupyterLab Notebooks. It gives you auto-scaling compute resources, friendly package distribution, and seamless code-test-debug experience in the cloud.


Discrete batch operations managed by Anyscale and running in their own Ray clusters with full cluster lifecycle management, retry capabilities, alerting, and scheduling.


Ray serve deployments in Anyscale on managed Ray clusters with recovery and alerting capabilities.


View an monitor all the Ray clusters that support your jobs, services, and workspaces.


Access to Cluster Computes and Environments for configuring your workloads compute and code.

Your Menu

The left navigation provides access to your Organization. If you are the owner, you'll see there a list of Clouds, an overview of Anyscale compute costs, and the users in your organization.

You can also use the left navigation to fetch your credentials, change your password, and log out.