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"Hello, world" example

Welcome to the Anyscale platform, we are glad to have you on board!

This quickstart assumes:

Create a workspace

  1. Log into Anyscale console and open the Workspace page from the left navigation bar.
  2. Click "Create" to create a new workspace
  3. Give a name to your workspace.
  4. Default cluster environment and compute config (using the default cloud you've deployed on Anyscale) have been chosen for you.
  5. Start the workspace

Run a "Hello, world" example

After the workspace is started, the Web Terminal will show up.

Web Terminal

Run echo "hello, world" and you should be able to see your first greeting from the Anyscale Workspace.

Run some other examples or Ray applications you may have.

Clean up the resources

Terminate the Workspace when you are done.

Next steps

You have successfully set up your account and run your "hello, world" example from an Anyscale workspace. It's time to migrate your Ray workloads to Anyscale and explore the great functionality provided by Anyscale.

  • Migrate your project from Open Source Ray to Anyscale.
  • Learn and use Anyscale Workspaces for your interactive development.
  • Learn and use Anyscale Jobs to deploy your production jobs.
  • Learn and use Anyscale Services to deploy your production models or applications.