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Set up your account

1. Register your organization

Anyscale is currently invite-only. If you are interested in joining Anyscale, contact us to push your Ray computing to the next level. Once you have been approved to join, you'll receive an invite code. You can then register your organization at

An organization is a logical grouping of users. Usually, all users within a one company will belong to a single organization. Billing will also be performed at the organization level.

An organization is created when a user that doesn't belong to an existing organization registers on Anyscale. This user becomes an owner of the organization, and can invite additional users via email. Users, specifically an email address, can only belong to one organization.

2. Set up your local environment

  • Install the Anyscale command line interface (CLI) (read more):
pip install anyscale
  • Authenticate the CLI:
anyscale login

Logging in to the web console may be needed. Once you are logged in, the CLI will obtain the credentials which is valid for 7 days. You can adjust the expiration date by using --expire-in-days=<# of days> or --no-expire flags.

You can remove credentials at any time using:

anyscale logout

3. Deploy your Anyscale clouds

Follow the instructions to deploy your Anyscale clouds.

4. Add your team members

You can view the members of your organization by clicking the user icon, and then going to "My organization."

To invite new members to join, click on the "Invite teammates" button and list out comma-separated email addresses for each new user you wish to invite to your organization. Each email address will receive a link to register a new user account.

In this page, you can also modify the role of existing members to be owner (admin privileges) or collaborator (no admin privileges).