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Environment Variables

The following environment variables are available in the Ray container (& made available for use in init scripts).

  • ANYSCALE_ARTIFACT_STORAGE - a path at which runtime artifacts may be stored (e.g. s3://$ANYSCALE_CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKET/$ANYSCALE_ORGANIZATION_ID/$ANYSCALE_CLOUD_ID/artifact_storage/)
  • ANYSCALE_CLI_TOKEN - the token that the current context uses to authenticate to Anyscale
  • ANYSCALE_CLOUD_ID - the cloud ID
  • ANYSCALE_CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKET - the name of the storage bucket associated to this cluster's cloud
  • ANYSCALE_CLOUD_STORAGE_BUCKET_REGION - the region of the storage bucket associated with this cluster's cloud
  • ANYSCALE_CLUSTER_ID - the cluster ID
  • ANYSCALE_DEBUG - set to enable debug-level logging for Anyscale utilities
  • ANYSCALE_INSTANCE_ID - the instance ID
  • ANYSCALE_NODE_GROUP_ID – the name of the node group (e.g. worker-node-group-0)
  • ANYSCALE_NODE_IP - the instance private IP
  • ANYSCALE_ORGANIZATION_ID - the Anyscale Organization ID
  • ANYSCALE_PROJECT_ID - the Anyscale Project ID
  • ANYSCALE_PROJECT - the Anyscale Project name
  • ANYSCALE_RAY_METRICS_ENDPOINT - the local Prometheus address that Ray metrics are exposed on
  • ANYSCALE_USERNAME - the username of the creator of this cluster
  • ANYSCALE_USER_EMAIL - the user email of the creator of this cluster
  • ANYSCALE_WORKING_DIR - the working directory of the cluster/workspace

Additional Environment Variables

  • (jobs only) ANYSCALE_PRODJOB_ID - the ID of the job
  • (services only) ANYSCALE_SERVICE_ID - the ID of the service