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Anyscale allows you to archive certain entities to clean up your list view. For instance, you can archive old, failed entities and those archived entities will no longer show up in your list view by default. Therefore, you can focus on entities that you are actively iterating on.

Once an entity is archived, you will still be able to view its details but you will no longer be able to use it. For instance, when a cluster is archived, you won't be able to start this archived cluster but you'll be able to view it in the cluster details page in the Web UI.

To archive an entity

The entities have to be inactive, such as terminated and success, to be archived. In addition, if you archive a Job/Service, you will also archive all clusters previously created by the Job/Service.

Inactive states for Clusters are: Startup Errored, Terminated, Terminating Errored, Updating Errored.

Inactive states for Jobs/Services are: Terminated, Out of Retries, Broken, Success.

You can archive entities on the Web UI, or through the CLI:

anyscale cluster archive --cluster-id [CLUSTER_ID]
anyscale job archive --job-id [JOB_ID]
anyscale service archive --service-id [SERVICE_ID]


  • Clusters created and managed by services can not be archived individually. Archiving services will archive the managed clusters automatically.
  • The user must have "write" permission for the entity to archive it.

To view archived entities in the list view

You can view archived entities by toggling on the "include archived" filter on the Web UI, or through the CLI:

anyscale cluster list --include-archived
anyscale job list --include-archived
anyscale service list --include-archived


The unarchive feature is currently under development and please reach out to support if you would like to be an early adopter!


Please note that the archive functionality is currently only supported for Clusters, Jobs and Services. If you would like to archive other types of entities, please reach out to support and we would love to hear your feedback.