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Viewing and downloading logs after cluster termination is in beta and supported in Anyscale CLI >= 0.5.51.


Known Limitations

  • Downloading logs only works for clouds on AWS. Support for downloading logs on GCP coming in the future.
  • Only Ray logs are persisted and able to be downloaded. Support for downloading logs from ray_results coming soon.
  • Currently, it is not possible to use your own bucket.

You can view and download logs after your cluster has been terminated using the anyscale logs CLI commands. You can also configure your in-house logging provider to read logs from remote storage and ingest them into your own system.


To enable this feature, reach out to your Solutions Architect. We will need you to give us permission to create a "managed" bucket in your account for each cloud in your organization. This bucket will be named: anyscale-production-data-{cloud_id}.

Once we create this bucket, logs will be uploaded and stored from clusters to this bucket.

View and Download Logs

Use anyscale logs to view and download logs.

# View logs for a particular cluster
anyscale logs cluster --id <cluster-id> <glob-filter | filename>

# Download all logs for a particular cluster
anyscale logs cluster --id <cluster-id> --download

# More help
anyscale logs cluster --help


You will be charged for standard S3 storage pricing based on the amount of log data that your clusters produce.

Configuring lifecycle policy

You may configure a lifecycle policy on the objects in this bucket directly through AWS.