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Version: 1.0.0


Check your docs version

Anyscale is rolling out a new design. If you have preview access to the enhanced experience, use the latest version of the docs and see the migration guide for transitioning.

By default, Workspaces, Jobs, and Services are created without being assigned to a Project. This configuration makes these resources accessible to everyone who has access to the Anyscale Cloud where the resources are assigned.

As the volume of resources increases, organizing them into Projects becomes beneficial. Projects not only help in grouping Workspaces, Jobs, and Services, but they also enable access control. Only users granted specific permissions can access the resources within a Project. The diagram below illustrates the functionality of Projects:

Access Controls Overview Diagram

Anyscale Projects are associated with Anyscale Clouds - because of this, it is possible to have multiple Projects with the same name. When launching resources, take careful consideration if using the same name.

Creating and managing Projects

To create a Project via the Web UI, navigate to the "Projects" page from the menu and select "Blank project." You will be prompted for a name for your Project as well as setting its visibility: private or public. Projects can also be created using the CLI command anyscale project create.

If you make the Project private, you will be the only one able to access it initially. To add or remove collaborators, click on your Project in the list of Projects and then click the "Share" button. You are also able to share it with everyone who has access to the Anyscale Cloud it is associated with. Collaborators can be owners (can create, view and delete resources) or read-only (can view resources but not create them).

Using Projects

A Project id or Project name can be specified for all CLI commands that use a Project (for example, when starting a Job or Service). Alternatively, the environment variable ANYSCALE_PROJECT_NAME can be set to use a Project for CLI commands, instead of specifying in the command itself. If a Project is not specified for any command that uses it, no Project will be used.