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Version: 1.0.0

Welcome to Anyscale

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Anyscale is rolling out a new design. If you have preview access to the enhanced experience, use the latest version of the docs and see the migration guide for transitioning.

Building production-ready AI applications is complicated. Anyscale meets this challenge by offering a fully managed compute platform, built on Ray, for scaling machine learning (ML) workloads. The Anyscale Platform adapts to your team's evolving AI needs:

  1. Anyscale Private Endpoints allows any AI developer to effortlessly deploy and integrate large language models (LLMs) directly into their features and products from day one.
  2. Anyscale AI Applications offers robust enterprise support that enables your team to build sophisticated AI applications and transition smoothly from development to production.

Overview of Anyscale

Why Anyscale

Thousands of organizations use Ray to increase developer velocity and distribute ML and Python applications. Anyscale not only provides the best environment for developing with Ray but also adds essential enterprise features:

Production-grade scalable compute platform

  • Fully managed service: Anyscale handles cluster management, enabling ML practitioners to concentrate on coding scalable applications rather than infrastructure.
  • Bring your own cloud: Anyscale operates within your cloud account, offering a secure environment for customer data.
  • Cost optimization: Features like spot instance support, autoscaling, and auto-suspend in Anyscale reduce compute expenses, complementing your cloud provider agreements like AWS Reserved Instances and Savings Plans.
  • Governance and compliance: Anyscale ensures robust access controls and cost tracking, backed by SOC 2 Type 2 attestation.
  • Expert support: Direct support from the creators of Ray and a team of dedicated Anyscale engineers.

Unified development environment for ML and Python workloads

  • All-in-one development environment: Anyscale Workspaces offers an IDE-centric experience for code development, dependency management, and observability. It feels like your laptop, but you have the power of a cluster.
  • Use the tools you love: Instant setup with popular tools like VSCode, Jupyter, GitHub, Weights & Biases, and more.
  • Collaborate: Instantly share or replicate experiments with the same compute and environment, allowing quick collaboration on your team.

Seamless transition between development and production

  • Unified environment for development and production: Develop, run, debug, and test code at scale reusing cluster configurations and environments between development and production.
  • Flexible dependency management: Manage dependencies with Anyscale base images, your own Docker, or Ray's runtime environments.
  • Jobs and Services: Simplified interface for production workloads. Anyscale Jobs support cron jobs, ephemeral clusters, and retries. Anyscale Services provide replica management, zero downtime upgrades, and high availability.
  • Comprehensive logs and monitoring: Managed Grafana and Ray Dashboard for robust observability and alerting.

Open source Ray vs. Anyscale managed Ray

RayStandard Ray✅ Optimized Ray with additional features for enhanced performance and cost efficiency
Anyscale Private EndpointsN/A✅ Seamlessly serve popular open source LLMs in a secure environment.
Development experienceRay jobs API, SSH, Ray client, and manual integration with MLOps tools✅ Anyscale Workspace with integrated tools such as VS Code, Jupyter, and Weights and Biases
Production-grade JobsBasic Ray jobs✅ Anyscale Jobs with features like automatic retries and scheduled executions
Production-grade ServicesBasic Ray Serve deployment✅ Anyscale Services offering features like automatic restart, high availability, and zero-downtime updates
Developer environmentBasic docker support and runtime environment✅ Optimized cluster environment with enhanced startup efficiency
ObservabilityBasic Ray dashboard and logs needing manual setup✅ Optimized Ray dashboard with Grafana integration and persistent logging
Fully managed clustersN/A✅ Cluster deployment and management in your cloud provider account
Instance startup timeNot optimized✅ Enhanced optimization for quicker instance startups
Networking and securityN/A✅ Advanced features including no public IP, access control, and secret management
Expert supportCommunity support✅ Dedicated engineering support for one month and prioritized assistance

Supported cloud providers

Supported cloud providers


For additional assistance or feature requests for the Anyscale Platform, contact the support team at