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Announcing the New Anyscale Design

We're excited to roll out a new experience on the Anyscale platform to improve performance and help you be more productive. Keep reading to learn about what's new and to try it out today.


There's no action required from you to upgrade to this new experience. Read this guide for a summary of the improvements.

What's changed​

  • Simplified UX: The new design reduces conceptual complexity and delivers a consistent experience across the UI and CLI, allowing you to easily self-onboard.

  • Better observability: We developed a range of new features around logging and monitoring to enhance your experience.

  • Unified developer experience: Work with all controls and artifacts in one view, so you don’t need to jump between screens.

Switching between the old and new UI​

For a limited transition period, you'll be able to switch between the old and new design using the Try new UI (Preview) and Switch to old UI buttons.

Buttons for switching between the old and new design

Important changes​

Dependencies and images​

  • New dependency management flow: In the new design, managing dependencies is simpler and more intuitive. In workspaces, you can add and remove packages in the Dependencies tab, equivalent to pip install PACKAGE_NAME, instead of using pip install --user PACKAGE_NAME. The workspace automatically tracks all packages that you install.

  • Images: We've moved to a unified Docker-like experience that replaces cluster environments. You can rebuild an image after changing your dependencies with a single button click. See Build an image to learn more.

  • Seamless migration: When you move to the new design, all dependencies and images are available in the new UI.


Due to the conceptual change in cluster environments, if you start iterating on your dependencies in the new design and create a new image, you won't be able to edit them in the old UI. You'll only be able to continue working on them in the new UI.


With the introduction of greater flexibility, you can't rely on the stability of the image at all times. Verify that all the installations are complete after you make changes to dependencies, as changes may be still in progress.

Deprecated features​

  • The standalone scheduled jobs feature is deprecated and is incorporated as an option within Anyscale Jobs.


  • New CLI/SDK: The new APIs are more user-friendly and include support the new dependency management flow. It's backward compatible with previous CLI/SDK versions, so you can continue using all the old commands.

  • Logs: The unified log viewer feature allows you to view and filter all events across clusters.


Note that when you enable the log viewer feature, you'll send us logs for processing in the Anyscale control plane, which may require you to go through security review based on your company policies.

  • Application templates: Browse new templates to help you quickly learn how to scale your workloads and customize them to fit your use case.

  • Serverless option: Now, you can scale your cluster to find the right accelerator for you needs.

  • Endpoints support: Continue using Anyscale Endpoints as part of the Anyscale Platform.

What's next​

We appreciate your continued trust in our services and look forward to bringing you more exciting updates. You can find more details on the new design in the latest version of the docs.

If you need help or have requests for improving the Anyscale user experience, reach out to us at