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Welcome to Anyscale

Thanks for signing up for Anyscale. The documentation will lay out all that you need to know to use the Anyscale platform.

Why Anyscale

Anyscale is a managed Ray platform that enables users to scale their distributed machine learning development and easily move to production.

With Anyscale, you can:

  • Distribute AI applications with the click of a button.
  • Scale from your laptop to the cloud with zero code changes.
  • Easily move to production with Production Jobs and Services.

How is this documentation organized?

This documentation is organized in the following sections:

  • Get Started: A short tutorial to getting you onboard.
  • Anyscale Overview: A one-pager on developing with Anyscale.
  • Concepts: A lightweight introduction to all the key concepts of the Anyscale platform.
  • User Guide: An in-depth guide to all the features of Anyscale, how the platform works, and how you should use it.
  • Tutorials: A collection of tutorials covering common use cases.
  • Reference: A complete reference of the Anyscale APIs and other related topics.

Getting help

While looking through the documentation, you might notice a typo or something that you don't quite understand. Feel free to reach out to support and we'll be happy to work with you to get started or help clarify points of confusion.

Next steps

If this is your first time using Anyscale, we recommend that you check out the Get Started tutorial and read up on Anyscale concepts.