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Data classification

Check your docs version

These docs are for the new Anyscale design. If you started using Anyscale before April 2024, use Version 1.0.0 of the docs. If you're transitioning to Anyscale Preview, see the guide for how to migrate.

NameDescriptionExamples (not exhaustive)Location
Application logs and customer data (stored locally on the cluster)Unstructured application data or semi-structured application data generated by customer code. Customer data refers to the data that customers use.Ray Core, Ray Tune logs, session command jobs, job logs, driver and worker logsCustomer Data Plane
Ingested application logs (used to enable log viewer feature)Structured application logs generated by customer code and by Ray. The log ingestion is opted-in by default for Anyscale Hosted clouds and clouds created through anyscale cloud setup CLI. For clouds created using anyscale cloud register CLI, you must opt-in to the log viewer feature using anyscale cloud config update.Ray jobs and services logs in log viewer.Anyscale Control Plane
System LogsUnstructured or semi-structured system data generated by executing Ray or Anyscale components or processesAutoscaler, GCS, other system logsAnyscale Control Plane
Observability metrics (Grafana or Ray dashboard metrics)Structured data that contains selected KPI’s of the systemCPU or Disk utilization, MemoryAnyscale Control Plane
MetadataStructured data that describes other data in the systemStart time, stop time, Cloud name, Entry point, YAML fileAnyscale Control Plane
Runtime environment metadataList of dependencies that the application needs to run. Anyscale stores the definitions to understand what to install dynamically.Filenames, packages, module names, working directory, environment variablesAnyscale Control Plane
User actionsActions performed by users against AnyscaleLogin or logout, creating a organization or project, clusters, archiving a job or service, etc.Anyscale Control Plane