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Service accounts

Check your docs version

These docs are for the new Anyscale design. If you started using Anyscale before April 2024, use Version 1.0.0 of the docs. If you're transitioning to Anyscale Preview, see the guide for how to migrate.

Service accounts are Anyscale entities that you can use to interact with the Anyscale APIs. They aren't tied to individual Anyscale users. Organization administrators create and manage service accounts and can grant Collaborator access to one or more Anyscale Clouds.

Using service accounts

Managing service accounts

Create and delete service accounts using the Anyscale CLI. See Service account CLI for more information.

Managing API keys

You can set service accounts API keys as ANYSCALE_CLI_TOKEN environment variable to authenticate the Anyscale CLI. Service accounts can have multiple API keys associated with them, and you can create and rotate the API keys in the organization settings page in the Anyscale Console.

  • Go to the user menu and select My organization.
  • Under the Service accounts tab, you can see a list of all service accounts in the organization.
  • Next to each service account, click Create API key to create a new API key. Or click Revoke all API keys to revoke all existing API keys for that service account.

Manage service account API keys

You can create and delete API keys using the Anyscale CLI. See Service account CLI for more information.